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Marine and Harbours Hotel, Port Adelaide

The Marine and Harbours Building was constructed in 1979 for a state government department which oversaw shipping permits and customs-related work. It fell vacant after 20 years and unoccupied until Kite bought it to renovate and refurbish as a retro boutique hotel as part of the Dock One masterplan.

With a rich cultural history of migration and overseas trading, Port Adelaide is seeing a resurgence as a hub for government, defence and private sector investment. Many businesses are relocating including Pirate Life microbrewery and Kangaroo Island Gin, who are seeing the huge potential in the area.

Embracing Rising Tides of Hospitality

The Marine and Harbours Hotel will cater for increased numbers of tourists, visitors and corporate guests when it opens. The innovative accommodation will include 10 floating suites on the Port River, 150 guest rooms, restaurant, rooftop bar, conference facilities, food and beverage, and an open-air cinema.